Our Values

Founded on Trust

Professional, Personable, Communicative

As financial advisors, we realize the tremendous responsibility we accept with every client. For the benefit of our firm and our clients, we’ve created guiding principles that direct our decisions and actions at all times. These principles act as a guide for us to ensure we’re giving you the best experience and service possible.

The Bell Investment Advisors Purpose

To Improve Financial Futures, One Client at a Time

Our Values

Honor Your Promises

Rise to New Challenges

Be Kind

Commit to Client Success

Always Innovate

We Serve Our Clients with Full Transparency


As a registered investment advisory firm, we have a fiduciary responsibility. This means that we hold ourselves – and are legally held – to the highest standards of the law when it comes to safeguarding our clients’ best interests.


Our Investment Management services are offered on a fee-only basis. This means that our only compensation for Investment Management is a fee based on a percentage of the market value of your investments with us. We do not receive commissions on any investments or products we recommend or utilize in our investment strategy. This minimizes the potential for conflicts of interest. When you benefit from our investment management, we benefit; when you don’t, we don’t.


All of our client assets are held in trust by Charles Schwab & Co. The statements you receive from Bell Investment Advisors, and the independently-prepared statements you receive from Charles Schwab & Co., must agree with one another. This provides you with essential checks and balances to prevent any errors or fraudulent reporting in your account(s).


We believe that liquidity and flexibility are fundamental to effective money management. We maximize liquidity and flexibility by utilizing no-load mutual funds and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) in the majority of our investment strategies.

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