Henna Hamidi


Henna Hamidi

Operations Associate
Joined Bell: 2023
Hidden Talent: Learning languages quickly
Inspiration: History

Henna became a member of the Bell Team in 2023, and serves as our operations associate. She has two years of experience as an associate banker at J.P. Morgan Chase, providing excellent customer service.  Her experience as an associate banker taught her to go the extra mile for the customer. Her goal is to bring that same outstanding level of service to each client that walks into our office, and to provide support to our team.

Henna is a first-generation Afghan-American, born and raised in the Bay Area. She speaks Farsi, Pashto, Spanish and English, and can understand Turkish. Henna attended the University of San Francisco and graduated in 2021 with a degree in international business management.

In her free time, Henna enjoys hiking and being outdoors. She finds joy in being surrounded by nature and is a sucker for a beautifully painted sky. She also enjoys spending time with her big family and her pet cat, whom she absolutely adores.

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