Bell Announces Two Events: Is Your 401(k) Plan Right for You?

Bell Announces Two Events: Is Your 401(k) Plan Right for You?

OAKLAND, CA.—Bell Investment Advisors, a Bay Area registered investment advisory firm, announced today that they will be hosting two events this month on the topic, “Is Your 401(k) Plan Right for You?”: a lunch and learn presentation in Oakland, California on Wednesday, June 18, 12–1:30 PM and an online webinar on Wednesday, June 25, 2–2:30 PM.

The presenters of both events, Laurent Harrison, CFP® Investment Advisor and Financial Planner, and Rohan Nayak, CFP® Relationship Manager and Financial Planner, will not only cover the basics, but will focus on significant 401(k) issues such as cost, investment flexibility, percent being saved, rollover options, and the priority of a 401(k) in a savings plan. They will discuss the relative importance of these issues at various life stages—early years, main accumulating years, and getting-ready-for-retirement years.

“401(k) plans are one of the best methods of saving for retirement in the United States today. Starting early and maintaining momentum is critical, but no matter your age, this presentation will provide strategies and key actions to improve your savings acumen and help grow your 401(k)”, said Mr. Harrison.

The lunch and learn will be held on Wednesday, June 18, noon–1:30 PM in Oakland, California at 500 12th Street in the Parkway Room. Space is limited, and reservations are required. For inquiries and/or reservations, contact Jaye Roundtree at 510.433.1066, ext. 100 or

The webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, June 25, 2–2:30 PM. To learn how to register, visit Bell’s event page: Reserve your spot now by registering today at:

Interested persons may attend the live event or the online webinar or both if they prefer.

Bell Investment Advisors is a privately-owned, registered investment advisory firm, managing over $500 million in assets. It is in its 24th year of business, offering investment management, financial planning and career/life coaching services. For more information visit

Nancy Isaacs
Bell Investment Advisors

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