Bonnie Bell’s Career and Life Coaching Blog – Now Live.

Bonnie Bell’s Career and Life Coaching Blog – Now Live.

Bell Investment Advisors is proud to unveil its new Career and Life Coaching blog that promises to bring a unique perspective and context to the conversation in the marketplace about career and other life issues. This forum is all about you getting clear about who you are, what you want, and then developing an actionable plan to make that happen.

Bonnie Bell has been having profound and pragmatic career coaching conversations behind closed doors for over 20 years with hundreds of individuals, from ages 22 to 72. For the first time, through her new interactive blog, she will be able to have that conversation with you.

Visit to read the first post and enter the conversation about how to make a good life happen.

“Most New Year’s resolutions fail, says Bell. “You need to get over it, and learn why it’s important to be engaged in a different conversation, the one that can lead to a more important resolve: living a good life.”

Bonnie Bell has an MA in Counseling, a Masters of Divinity, and many years of experience in business. She is a principal at Bell Investment Advisors, a registered investment advisory firm in Oakland and Santa Rosa, California, that offers investment management, financial planning, and career & life coaching. The conversation at the firm is not just about your money, and it’s not just about your career, it’s about your life.

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