Cal Performances’ Berkeley/Oakland AileyCamp: Winners of the First Bell Youth-in-the Arts $5,000 Grant

Posted September 4, 2013

Part of making a good life happen for me, is bringing plenty of music, dance, and other live performances into my life – plays, dance, the Oakland East Bay Symphony, jazz, occasional opera, stand-up comedy and more.

I love the excitement that fills a venue – and my own insides – when everyone quiets down, the lights dim, and it’s curtain time. I always know I’m about to enjoy something, but I never know when I will be taken by surprise and completely blown away by the thing I am about to see. Once in a while it happens, and sudden tears fill my eyes, because I know I am seeing something I will never forget! When that happens, I think about how grateful I am that I didn’t miss it. I think about all the forces that must have been at work to get me there on just the right day and just the right time! I could have been otherwise committed, been too tired, or forgotten.

On Thursday, August 1, in Zellerbach Playhouse on the U.C. Berkeley campus, the stars aligned, and I had one of those rare experiences while attending the final performance of the graduates of Cal Performances’ Berkeley/Oakland AileyCamp 2013 (underserved youth ages 11-14), winners of the 2012 Bell Youth-in-the-Arts Grant.

To learn more about AileyCamp, visit their website here.

To find out how to apply for the 2013 Bell Youth-in-Arts Grant, please see the below video and visit the community page of our website. Applications are due by September 13!

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