Succession Planning for Business Owners: Breaking Down the Concerns

Co-sponsored by Scott Valley Bank and Bell Investment Advisors

Host & Speaker:
Steve Prouty
Vice President and Relationship Manager, Scott Valley Bank

Jim Bell, CFP®
President & Founder, Bell Investment Advisors

Forrest Ryan Bell, CFP®
Senior Investment Advisor, Financial Planner,
Bell Investment Advisors

For business owners, succession planning is something that is often put off forever— like cleaning out your garage or completing your revocable trust. It can be a daunting project. In this workshop, we will break down the concerns and distinctions of succession into manageable bites. We will drill into the important differences between management succession and ownership succession. We will also specify the unseen consequences to banking and credit facilities when there is a succession of ownership. There will be much more you will not want to miss.

Scott Valley Bank
2001 Gateway Place, Suite 135E
San Jose, CA 95110

Reservations are required as space is limited.

Email Jaye Roundtree to register or for more information.

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