Meaning, Purpose and Satisfaction

Meaning, Purpose and Satisfaction


In January’s Opening Bell, I suggested we drop the ubiquitous balance conversation – the one that typically doesn’t go anywhere but to the incomplete conclusion that you are too stressed and you need more massages – and start Reflecting more on The Big Picture: your Life. What’s working? What’s not? What’s missing? What’s next? These are the questions of a momentum-based strategy that, when applied to your Life, can provide answers that will lead you in the direction of more meaning, purpose, satisfaction – and even joy. So how’s it going, now that it’s April?

April, like January, is another opportunity to Review, Reflect and Redirect (the three R’s) and not waste time on that perennial attention grabber – the Resolution – you made and/or broke. Forget that, and get back to the more important R’s. You don’t have to be perfect, just intentional and focused and building positive momentum in your life. Remember – or notice for the first time – who you are, what you love, what you care about most, and what your life is really all about.

These principles became relevant in a conversation I had with a client just a few days ago. She had been invited to serve on a prestigious advisory board at her alma mater and was conflicted about whether or not she should accept. Her acceptance would require a hefty monetary outlay and a significant time commitment – this on top of her already busy meaningful, purposeful, satisfying life. But still, it was such an honor and opportunity!

The one thing that stood out for me in her quandary was that the particular advisory board in question did not really seem to be related to what I knew her primary passions were – teaching, teachers, teachers’ training, and students faced with particular challenges. So I asked her about the focus of the advisory council, and her answer clicked into view: it was no. She moved out of the pain of a quandary and into the peace of good decision-making. Sometimes remembering who you are helps you make decisions that integrate with the rest of your life. Sometimes remembering who you are helps you to replace busy-ness with meaning, purpose, and satisfaction. You can still get a massage if you like, but don’t expect it to make you “balanced”.

As we move into glorious full-blown spring, keep asking the questions of momentum: What’s working? What’s not? What’s missing? What’s next? No use wasting a bunch of time with remorse or regret. Get going.

“If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep walking.” – Buddhist proverb

You can follow an ongoing discussion at Bonnie Bell’s Career and Life Coaching blog.

Our dear Bonnie Bonetti-Bell was the force behind our Career/Life Coaching services, until her passing in 2019. As a principal of our firm, Bonnie had an innate talent for seeing the best in people. Moreover, she helped others see the best in themselves. Bonnie is fondly remembered and deeply missed.

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