News from 2013 Bell Youth-in-the-Arts Grant Recipient, Gritty City Repertory Youth Theatre

Hey Jim and Bonnie! Wanted to send you some exciting news! One of our senior ensemble members not only got into Mills College, but won a $23,000 a year faculty scholarship! We are so incredibly excited and proud of her! She has many other applications in and hasn’t made final decisions yet, but what an honor and opportunity . . .

In other news, we are cookin’ over here at the Flight Deck! We have a super solid start on the first three acts of The Comedy of Errors, and have been doing many fun extras like learning complicated salsa choreography for our big dance numbers, and super silly acrobatics for the fights between the Antipholuses (Antipholi? Hah!) and the Dromios. Quite a workout, once again! I think we started a strong fitness trend with all the bootcamp of ReEntry, and we’re definitely keeping it going — but a dance version instead!

It’s also been a whirlwind of theatre attendance lately — two weeks ago we took students to see Aubergine at Berkeley Rep — then last week we went and saw The Nether at SF Playhouse — totally interesting and disturbing show — and tonight we go see Macbeth at Berkeley Rep with Frances McDormand . . . so excited! Such a treat to get to share amazing professional theatre with our performers; it makes such a difference for their sense of the wild variety of theatre that is happening all the time all over the Bay.

Hope spring is treating you well, and you are enjoying our February sunshine!

Much love,

Lindsay Krumbein
Founder and Executive Artistic Director
Gritty City Repertory Youth Theatre
1540 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612

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