Rebuilding Together Oakland & Bell Investment Advisors Embrace National Rebuilding Day

Rebuilding Together Oakland & Bell Investment Advisors Embrace National Rebuilding Day

OAKLAND, CA. April 29, 2011 – Rebuilding Together Oakland and Bell Investment Advisors team up to support the repairs of two east Oakland homes in the Maxwell Park and Wentworth Holland neighborhoods.

Bell Investment Advisors is engaging local employees and clients and working with colleagues at Wendel Rosen Black & Dean on one house and underwriting the repairs performed by a long-time RTO volunteer group of skilled tradeswomen, affectionately known as the Women’s Group.

“Making a Good Life Happen is an important part of our philosophy here at Bell Investment Advisors … for our clients, our staff, and for our community … which is why we are enthusiastic about participating in community-oriented groups such as RTO,” comments Jim Bell, President and Founder.

“I am humbled by the generosity of our sponsors and volunteers”, said Kym Luqman, Executive Director of Rebuilding Together Oakland, “when many of our sponsors and individuals are facing challenges of their own in this uncertain economy, yet they step up to help our most vulnerable neighbors.”

Rebuilding Together Oakland, along with 200 fellow Rebuilding Together affiliates across the country, with the help of 70,000 volunteers, will rehabilitate and improve low-income homeowners’ homes at no cost. Recipients of services include the elderly, disabled, military veterans, and families in need.

“As the nation’s leading nonprofit serving homeowners at the poverty line, our network is dedicated to not only rehabilitating homes, but by doing so, simultaneously preserving communities that are in danger of deterioration,” said Gary A. Officer, president and CEO of Rebuilding Together.

“National Rebuilding Day raises awareness nationwide and impacts countless communities across the country.” National Rebuilding Day occurs every year on the last Saturday in April. It is the culmination of a year’s worth of planning, volunteer recruitment, and sponsorship partnership to change homeowners’ lives across the country. Rebuilding Together affiliates will restore hope and memories in communities as numerous rehabilitations occur on a single day to create high-impact momentum for the rest of the year.

About Rebuilding Together Oakland

The Rebuilding Together Oakland affiliate was established in 1993. Since then, Rebuilding Together Oakland has renovated and modified more than 800 homes of low-income elderly and disabled homeowners and 100 community facilities that provide direct services to low income communities throughout the city of Oakland.

About Bell Investment Advisors

Bell Investment Advisors ( is a privately-held, registered investment advisory firm located in downtown Oakland, California, with a satellite office in Santa Rosa’s Fountaingrove Village. In addition to utilizing its proprietary momentum-based investment strategy, Active Portfolio Enhancement®, the firm also offers Financial Planning and Career & Life Coaching services. They are celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year.

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