Market Analysis Video – November 2012

Admittedly, it is occasionally difficult to concoct content for this monthly missive. During some months, nothing of much consequence occurs; markets go up and down, but in the end little has changed, and we have made no allocation shifts or trades to discuss. November was not one of those months.

While the domestic market recovered slightly from its October losses with the S&P 500 Index up 0.6% in November, foreign markets continued to surge ahead. The MSCI EAFE Index rose 2.4%, making it the fourth consecutive month in which foreign stocks outperformed their domestic counterparts. For the last couple of months, we have discussed the nascent momentum that we have been witnessing in foreign stocks—namely in developed Europe and emerging Asia—and the possibility of re-entering those markets after maintaining a nearly 100% domestic allocation over the last year and a half…

Please watch the video below of our complete Market Analysis.

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