Money Talks. So Should We.

Money Talks. So Should We.

We know the adage, “Money talks.” Yet open discussions about money are rare. Sure, we women discuss money with our partners or spouses, but otherwise we can be uncomfortable or even anxious about discussing financial matters. We give each other relationship advice, share secret family recipes, support each other’s professional or personal successes, offer reviews of our favorite restaurants or services, and we do these things without even a hint of doubt or sense of impropriety. However, when it comes to finances, we are much less likely to share. We might keep a private “scorecard” and assign value to ourselves and others based on how much we make, how much we spend, how we save (or don’t), or how we invest (or don’t). We are apprehensive about sharing, lest we be judged. In addition, there can be a cultural bias toward avoiding the topic—stemming from the notion that talking about money is impolite.

Bell-womens-round-table-4-2-1Part of the purpose of The Women’s Roundtable is to change the conversation. Instead of being hampered by our old biases and anxieties, we intend to create a supportive environment in which we can learn from each other. Talking about money is important —let’s all be savvy together!

Research (The $14 Trillion Woman, by Kay and DiLeonardi, 2009) indicates that women not only like to do business with other women, but that they enjoy a level of comfort when conversing with each other in a down-to-earth, informal way about whatever concerns they have, and that includes talking about money.

The Women’s Roundtable at Bell Investment Advisors, provides the opportunity for these kinds of conversations to occur. Join a diverse and dynamic mixture of friends, family, colleagues, staff, clients, and professional women interested in learning more about how to build a financially-sound future by attending our next gathering on March 26—“Taking Charge of Your Financial Future”. Reservations for you and a guest are required. To RSVP or for more information, contact Jaye Roundtree at 510.433.1066, ext. 100 or

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