The Value of Career/Life Coaching

The Value of Career/Life Coaching

Where would the San Francisco Giants be without their expert coaching staff? Most likely, they would not have won their second World Series in three years. And how about those Forty-Niners?? And Lance Armstrong. On second thought, let’s not go there. . .

No one seems to question the notion that athletes – whether Little Leaguers or major leaguers – need coaches in order to develop their skills and become successful. But when it comes to the highly complex matters of career and life, most people underestimate the value of coaching, not from personal experience so much as blind assumption. Too many people tend to think that they should, can, or “have to” figure it all out for themselves. This really doesn’t make sense when you stop to think about it.

If you did not read my last blog post, please scroll down and read it now: Building Positive Momentum in Your Career and Life. A good life won’t happen just because you cross your fingers and hope it will. Hope is not a strategy. With a momentum-based strategy – essentially keeping what works and avoiding what doesn’t – you also need a philosophy to guide you through the tough times. Making a Good Life Happen, the name of this blog, is a pro-active philosophy that suggests that you are going to grow up, decide what a good life is for you, and then spend your waking hours actively managing it. That’s your full time job, and as you know, it’s not easy.

Part of the Making a Good Life Happen philosophy is to ask for help when you get stuck. Why? So you can move on, like so many of my clients did last year. One client started her own technology consulting business; another quit two different jobs in order to get to the right one; another finally screwed up the courage to leave the job she hated and find one she loves, making several thousand more dollars than the one she was afraid to leave.

As a career/life coach, I focus on helping clients create positive momentum that will carry them forward to a better future. If you haven’t met me in person yet, watch this video, and request an appointment for a free consultation to talk about your life situation. Start thinking about your answers to the momentum questions: What’s working? What’s not? What’s missing? What’s next? You have the answers to your own riddles.

Our dear Bonnie Bonetti-Bell was the force behind our Career/Life Coaching services, until her passing in 2019. As a principal of our firm, Bonnie had an innate talent for seeing the best in people. Moreover, she helped others see the best in themselves. Bonnie is fondly remembered and deeply missed.

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