The Women’s Roundtable

The Women’s Roundtable

Information is plentiful. Grounded assessments are not. This year, Bell Investment Advisors is pleased to announce the launch of The Women’s Roundtable, a learning cooperative for and by women. Our aim is to provide an enriching environment in which to learn and share ideas that impact our financial goals.

When we evaluate our overall financial location, do we view it from every angle? Are investments positioned for long-term planning or short-term goals? How can you engage family members in discussions around wealth planning? Can you make your money multitask?

Our goal is to keep things practical—we want to provide thoughtful commentary and be a resource for timely financial news and content. We will deliver this through a year-long series of educational seminars on various themes and topics, with diverse perspectives from our expert partners and women facing similar challenges and everyday concerns.

This is our roundtable. Let’s talk.

See a list of topics we have planned for 2013 here

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